Home Elevator's Step-Saver, which is a stairlift for residential use, has many
unique features including fast and easy installation, smooth ride, battery
operation, remote control accessibility, minimal step area intrusion (only
6 inches), 30 month warranty and extremely competitive pricing.

Step-Saver stairlift standard equipment

*Rack and pinion drive
*Rigid and compact aluminum extrusion rail
*Support posts anchored to stair treads (not mounted on wall)
*300 lb (136 kg) capacity
*"Almond beige" seat and rail
*Adjustable width between armrests from 18" to 21" wide (457 to 533 mm)
*1/2 hp, 24 VDC motor
*Battery-powered 24-volt motor
*Pair of 12-volt, maintenance-free batteries
*Charger plugged in at top or bottom landing
110 VAC, 60 Hz outlet
*Electronic controller with soft start and soft stop
*Fused control circuit
*Wireless infrared call-send controls at both landings
*Continuous pressure buttons
*Aluminum rail on 6" (152 mm) from wall
*3" (76 mm) rail overhang at top landing with seat height of 18" (457 mm)
*22 1/2" (572 mm) seat height at bottom landing
*Adjustable seat height
*Unit is completely reversible on site for quick installation
*Lateral adjustment on footrest for uneven treads
*Foldable footrest, seat and padded armrests
*Seat that swivels and locks in 45 and 90 positions both directions
*Seatbelt and seat swivel switch
*ABS plastic covers
*Obstacle sensors under footrest and on carriage